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Filling the Research Gap

It's commonplace to hear "there's no research to support holistic medicine". This is wrong of course. There are plenty of laboratory studies to show how treatments probably work, but what's missing is research on what happens when these treatments are applied to real patients.

The ultimate test of a treatment is a clinical trial. Unfortunately, researchers won't do those unless there are published cases where the treatment has been used, preferably a lot of them. Meanwhile, the veterinarians who are treating thousands of animals successfully each day with these treatments don't have the time or expertise to write them up. The result is what we at Curedcases call "the research gap", and we aim to help fill it.

Introducing Curedcases

We've made submitting a case report easy for veterinarians. The most basic level of information we're looking for (what you treated, what you used, and what happened) can be entered in seconds. Even a detailed case report might only take a few minutes. As cases accumulate, you personally (never mind researchers) will be able to mass them together to see trends and answer questions:

  • Which protocols work for what diseases, and how well?
  • Are there any potential downsides to the various treatments?
  • Are there certain things that must be used together or in sequence to get the best results?
  • Amongst the protocols, does there seem to be one ingredient doing the heavy lifting?
The Power of Wiki-Medicine

Normal methods would take researchers decades to answer those questions, but with Curedcases, users will be able to start seeing trends in seconds with a few clicks of a mouse.

Curedcases is a brand new concept and is brought to you with the support of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. The idea of mass collaboration to perform this kind of medical research has never been done before. The first phase of implementation is now complete: the development of a way to rapidly but completely input case reports. The second phase, will be developing the tools to analyze and detect trends, but without your case reports, there's nothing to analyze!

Please take a few moments every day or every week, to help us make history here and change the world

  • Registration is free. No one is making a dime, but hopefully we'll make a difference
  • Patient data is kept confidential.
  • Cases can be entered in seconds
  • Share as much as you like: photos, videos, lab reports, multiple rechecks

Of course, a case doesn't have to be cured to enter it. This site is easiest and fastest to use in real time, so feel free to enter cases while they are still in progress.as cases happen, before you know the final outcomes.

Please take that extra minute or two a day, bend our ear, and become part of the solution. Who knows? Maybe a researcher will be contacting you to publish your case!

Note: because we're making this information as freely available as possible, it's important you read our Terms of Use