Case Details
Shelby by DrLaura
Pruritis First Of Distal Limbs And Now Of Groin


  • Species: dog

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: confirmed
  • Final Status:

Treatment and Outcome

Problem Notes
  • Pruritis: This was Shelby's initial integrative questionnaire Mar 2020. The plan was to wean her off of the Vanectyl-p and try to manage on home cooked diet and herbals.
    Bloodwork on initial consult revealed increased spec CPL no other abnormalities
    Presenting complaint was pruritis that was worse between June-Nov and worse in the am (owner gave vanectyl-p pm to help)
    On presentation March 2020 tongue was pale and looked somewhat dry. Pulse was what i thought was fast and at the time what i described as wiry. I started with Four materials eliminate wind--> not much luck and then gentian combo- not much luck

    recently I have tried nettles with success and quercetin helped and wondered if minor bupleurum would be a good fit?

    Her recent presentation --> tongue more lavender and wet deep toned pulse. Bloodwork indicated low ALT slight increase in Alb (40) and high TG (non-fasted sample)
    She also likes to eat snow and seeks cold, is a fire personality always greeting people and higher strung.
    She was switched to a home made fish based diet with hilary's blend to make it balanced. She gets sweet potato treats and no kibble

    Questions sent to owner march 2020
    1) appetite? vomiting? - appetite always good - in summer will sometimes do the grass eating - but no vomiting

    2) stools consistency/ frequency? Stools formed, 2 times daily. Constipated with chicken or lamb based formula's.

    3) coughing/sneezing? None

    4) urine colour/frequency? incontinence? Urine - straw coloured - no dribbling/incontinence.

    5) thirst? drinking small frequent amounts or large amounts less often? Has been drinking bigger volumes when she drinks - so will drink half a bowl - about 2 times day?

    6) energy and stamina? restless or fidgety? irritable? what is the emotional state of the animal in its environment. Happiest girl in the world. She should be a Walmart greeter. Lots of energy - up for walks and playing.

    7) problems falling asleep or staying asleep? dreaming? She does her daytime naps - does get the "rabbit chasing" dreams fairly frequently.
    8) startled by loud noises or sudden movements? Only the smoke detector gets her upset. No problems with thunder.

    9) preference for cool or warm places? Doesn't like the heat - once warmer weather (not even hot) I need to take water and bowl on our walks.
    10) particular time of day is she worse or better (24 hour cycle). Licks and scratches more in mornings so began giving her vanectal in evening - doesn't seem to change that

    11. Time of of year (Months wise)that symptoms are worse or better. Skin starts getting worse end of june - stays irritated until cold weather - usually December. This year is the first time she has had irritation so early in the year
    12. Medications or supplements that help the symptoms (steroids, antibiotics omegas etc). The steroids always helps. Tried the "injection- cytopoint" it did nothing - not sure if it actually made things worse - by end of week one (it was suppose to be long acting) hair was gone around her eyes, crusty flaky skin to face. Also tried the topical F.A supplementation that was applied once weekly - just tried that in January or Feb - not sure when - don't think it did anything.

    13. Medications or supplements that make her worse? cytopoint

    14. Foods that make it worse or better? (Raw, freeze dried home cooked, type of kibble ) . Cant say that I see a direct link - I initially changed her from the chicken to lamb when we first got her - then onto the salmon but that was due to bowel function. I did take her off the salmon the first year she was so bad and tried some other dried kibble - sorry cannot remember name - but didn't change skin and made her constipated - so went back to salmon.

    my thoughts are that the liver needs some support and that we may be dealing with some blood stasis
    Thank you!!