Case Details
Joey by Dreudog
Chronic Upper Respiratory


  • Age: 14 years
  • Breed: DSH
  • Species: cat

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: confirmed
  • Final Status: better as of day 608 of treatment

Treatment and Outcome

Day 608

Notes:  History; Chr. URI, early renal dz (decreased USG, urine pH 5.5, chemistries normal last summer)., stomatitis, persistently chubby on appropriate measure of canned diet, mild seborrhea and oily flakes.

Sent San ren tang August 2019; URI and stomatitis gradually better, not perfect. January 2020 labs as above; change to BWDHW. June 2020 oral ulcerations ; restarted SRT, kept BWDHW. September 2020 ^ URI symptoms , stomatitis worse.... exchange SMS for SRT again..... better.

Owner is also using saline nebulizer in kennel and N- acetylcysteine in food, and feels they are helping.

At 3/31 exam, cat is still overweight (has lost 1/5 # from highest), seborrhea and coat flakes the same, he had a small amount of mucopurulent nasal d/c. Labs now show ^ SDMA (16) and mild anemia. (new.). So I'm wondering herb wise how to tonify blood w/o adding to his damp symptoms, better support renal function.

Thnx !

Diet is largely canned or kibble