Case Details
Diesel by pindvm


  • Species: dog

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: confirmed
  • Final Status: better as of day 32 of treatment

Treatment and Outcome

Problem Notes
  • Tremoring And Ataxia: Getting steadily worse

Day 18

Notes:  Diesel is more unstable. Falling when he tries to lower his head. Hind legs shaking when resting. He has vomited once with each herb or dosage change. Was fine after. Good appetite. Driving owners crazy barking - though he doesn't bark much if they leave him. Demands to go on walks but can't go far. Struggles to get up but will. Had BM in bed twice. TC pale lavender, pulses deep and weak. BL 20 and SP 6 helped.

Acupuncture points were stimulated

Manipulation or massage was performed

Day 32

Notes:  Owner texted - has been on 6GP and Bu Gan tang for two weeks, Slightly better after Acupuncture but didn't last. Owners felt he was so bad off Body sore that they restarted it. Vomiting and GI seem better, stool is normal, Tremoring the same and he is weaker in the hind end. Barking and anxiety are slightly improved.