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Bayley by fdzenitsky
Centronuclear Myopathy


  • Species: dog

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: tentative
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Treatment and Outcome

Problem Notes
  • Centronuclear Myopathy In A Lab Puppy: Good morning Steve!

    This condition has also been called type II muscle fiber deficiency, autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy, and hereditary myopathy. I have a 5 MO F pup coming in this week, the condition is highly suspected as another littermate is similarly affected w/ positive test. She was doing well at home until about a month ago when she started acting a bit more clumsy. She has lost a significant amount of muscle in the hindlegs and is quite weak. She stumbles and collapses, then tries to bunny hop to get up. No CP deficits, sill ambulatory x 4. Bilateral, moderate, increased synovial opacity, left and right stifle joint. Painful when lumbar spine and stifles palpated. Her bloodwork shows muscle breakdown evidence as well as inflammation. Neurologic PCR panel all negative.

    No known cure for CNM, but I would think if we can achieve stability in the limbs, then maybe she has years of lifespan and a pretty normal life. My TCM opinion about hindlimb lameness/weakness is kidney qi deficiency, would you agree and is the deficiency the same in a puppy v a progressive myopathy in an older dog? I know the young ones are also typically Yin deficient, but I am told she is withdrawn and depressed lately. She also appears to have some Damp and spleen qi deficiency looking at her short history. I am unsure what herbs or formulas to start with to improve her function or at least stabilize her. I'll run the CNM test and get her scheduled for acupuncture for sure and can provide more details once I examine her, but feel she needs support asap beyond a high protein unprocessed diet.

    Thanks so much for any input you may have.