Case Details
Desi by crystallotusvet
Kidney Qi Deficiency And Shen Disturbance


  • Age: 9 years
  • Sex: male neutered
  • Breed: Mix
  • Species: dog

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: confirmed
  • Comments: Hx of erlichiosis prior to adoption 3.5 years ago. Renal disease diagnosed at the time of adoption. Severe shen disturbance at time of adoption (intermittently aggressive) which has been managed with conventional medications. Strong appetite (eats Chi dog water diet), slightly increased water intake and urination. No C/V/S/D. No temperature preference (heat vs cool seeking).

    TCVM evaluation (10/27): suspect kidney qi deficiency (deep and slightly weak R femoral pulse), mild scaling along dorsum (blood vs yin deficiency) and pale pink tongue with no fine cracks but generalized lavender tone. Unable to perform acupuncture regularly due to aggression. Looking for herbal therapy to correct shen disturbance and support kidney qi deficiency. Thank you!
  • Final Status:

Treatment and Outcome