Case Details
Theo by CorinneC
Chronic Dermatitis


  • Age: 7 years
  • Sex: male neutered
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Species: dog

Disease Notes

  • Certainty: confirmed
  • Final Status: much better as of day 1183 of treatment

Treatment and Outcome

Problem Notes
  • Allergies: Ear infections

    Skin eruptions, hotspots, crusts on ventrum, dorsum, perineum

Day 1007

Notes:  I did not see Theo, only received an email from O: "for the first 2 weeks he seemed to be doing better, with more energy and a decrease in the number of skin lesions. Then in the last 2 to 3 weeks he's got progressively worse with plaques of lesions on his back and flanks and a bad infection on his peri anal area and tail. Also the lesion on his anterior paw, where he had hair loss has flared up again and he has another similar lesion further down. His abdomen has several smaller lesions but overall isn't too bad.
Diet wise I added in gluten free oats, chia seeds, black beans, peas and cucumber all of which he loves, plus I started probiotics a week ago. I also stopped the Omega 3 ten days ago just in case this was causing him problems. Everything else has stayed the same, he remains on Carnivore raw duck, raw beef offal and small amounts of cooked extra lean ground beef and beef liver as treats. The Qing Ying Tang is still at 3 tablets twice a day. He seems hungrier but hasn't gained weight, if anything he's lost weight which is a surprise because his carbohydrate intake is significantly higher.

As an addendum I was wondering whether I should increase his soluble fibre/ fermentable carbs to approx a 1/4 of his diet, probably at an 1/8 right now. Also the probiotics haven’t had much time to kick in. Lastly my intuition says to decrease the QYT to 2 tablets twice a day, which may be totally wrong however. "

Day 1183

Notes:  Rt ear still erythematous and has thick golden yellow wax coating down to tympanic mb, and both ears smell yeasty. He only gets rare skin lesions now, the ones on his dorsum are minor, the ventral ones are more moist and red but also appear to resolve quickly with a bit of Viaderm. But the perianeum and tail can really flare up on occas - last time Mar 28th - treats with Viaderm and clears up, but comes up so quickly! Has had 2 bouts of blood in his stools, starts with loose stools that follow with blood - blood and mucoid coating. O switched from chia to ground chia and none since. Rt ear has been bad, have had to treat 5 times, roughly q 3 weeks, use Surolan and resolves but comes back again, Mar 20th last bout. Added in a multivitamin - Nutrify brand - 5mg Zinc, 50IU Vit E, 50mg Vit C. Still on probiotics - Lovebugs initially but switched to AlphaOmega.

Diet is largely raw