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Dog With Persistent Draining Lesion And Urinary Incontinence
Another case was Nina Augsburger a 9 year old, FS German Shephard mix whose primary complaint is phlegm in the sinuses and urinary incontinence. She is currently on Ba Wei Di Huang Wan BID, Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San BID and Silicia 30c. Every few weeks, there is some drainage of the swelling just above her eye. The material is yellow and extremely viscous. Today, I lanced the area, removed the phlegm and flushed it. The owner is instructed to flush it with saline BID and do warm compresses. I was wondering it there is anything else I could flush the abcess with that would help break up the phlegm. Could I crush up the Silicia and combine it with the saline flush or is there another homeopathic remedy I could add?
by naturevet
November 22, 2008
Maybe the best remedy for this dog instead of CXCTS is Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin. It's a very good skin abscess anti-phlegm formula. It also moves Blood, which we know is required given the persistent location of the lesion. If the dog is benefiting from BWDHW, you can keep that going, but I'd give it in the am and the XFHMY at night. Try Hepar sulph 30C SID instead of Silicea, if the Silicea isn't working adequately.
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