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Older Animals With PU/PD And Restlessness
I also have a general question for you. I have a few cases of older animals that are PU/PD, have weight loss, nighttime restlessness but a finicky appetite. Some of them have occasional diarrhea and/or vomiting. I want to say these animals are Yin deficient but I am hesitant to do so because of their poor appetites. Do Yin deficient animals always have increased appetites with weight loss? Are these animals more Spleen Qi deficient? Is the increased thirst a symptom of heat or damp? I'm trying to use active points and pulses to guide me but sometimes it's hard for me to trust myself with those.
by naturevet
November 22, 2008
I guess my first rule out is XCHT - are there active GB points? Otherwise, you could be looking at a HT-KI dis-integration without necessary having the TB obstruction. When the HT and KI separate, the upper burner gets hotter and the lower burner gets colder. This creates PU/PD. Qi is not generated since Yang and Yin are not mingling, leading to loss of appetite. If there are no active GB points in these animals, BWDHW is a safe place to start, since it nourishes both Yin and Yang, and in so doing, generates Source Qi which, in turn, drives appetite.
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