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Lymphoma Case
Dear Steve,

I have had two recent cases (canine) with lymphoma who have done very poorly with chemotherapy (in terms of efficacy of drugs and in terms of gastrointestinal symptoms). One interesting aspect of one of the cases is that when the dog is feeling poorly, and having bad diarrhea, the lymph nodes decrease in size. When she rebounds and feels better, the nodes get large again. She is on a grain-free diet, Transfer Factor canine complete, vit A injections, Hoxsey formula, vit e, vit c and salmon oil.
Is there a TCM or energetic explanation for the lymph node size variation when gi signs worsen/resolve?
by naturevet
March 8, 2008
We've been piecing together lately that lymphoma appears to be a syndrome described in the Nei Jing and Nan Jing as 'checking', where Qi accumulations in the Yang channels create tremendous heat, congeal any moisture in the channels, and create the lymph node enlargements. Generally, to sufficiently cool the outer Yang layer, some Yin needs to be introduced again - we think this is what prednisone does, and is why it takes down the lymph node size (we use it periodically, and at anti-inflammatory doses, not immunosuppressive doses). Generally, chemotherapy does not have a moistening effect but an aggressive cooling effect. With just a cooling effect alone, any influence strong enough to treat that hot dry outer shell would severely deplete Yang internally, damaging the Spleen Qi. We have noticed that animals getting chemo often benefit from reduced protocols (e.g. duration, frequency or dose), and get more sick from full protocols, perhaps for this reason.

I hope that gives you some ideas for the next case.

All the best to you,

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