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Schnauzer With Cystitis
I am seeing "Roo"a 4 yr F(S) Min. Schnauzer that has had a bout of cystitis that appears to have cleared with 2 weeks on antibiotics.(a few struvite and amorphous phosphate crystals in urine as well) She had another episode of cystitis 2 years ago where she was also licking her vulva alot although there was no reddness. Last summer she was in to her regular vet for a dental as she had alot of tartar despite regular brushing. Two days after the anesthetic she presented as an emergency with cranial abdominal pain, shaking,crying, no vomiting or diarrhea Diagnosed as mild pancreatitis,she developed a bradycardia with HR dropping from her normal 80 bpm to 60 then 40.She seemed to recover well and HR returned to normal after a couple of weeks . Currently getting Medi- Cal weight control/ mature dry food with a little homemade lean chicken breast, rice and veggies. She has a significant allergy to wasp stings as well. She has a very good appetite and owner has to watch her closely as she will eat anything she finds on the ground while walking ( including dog feces)and has had episodes of vomitting /diarrhea associated with that.She used to have problems with being too heavy but has lost weight with diligent diet and is now in good body condition. Her pulse was 80bpm slightly thin and slightly wiry and her tongue was slightly pale with a white coating. She has no problems with otitis or anal glands and doesn't snore.In the fall she had several episodes of intermitent Lf hind leg lameness that would work out quickly with exercise. Nothing on x-ray and no localized sensitivity on palpation etc. and I wondered about muscle cramping associated with blood deficiency. I had intended to try her with Si Miao San because of the Damp Heat usually associated with cystitis (bacteria, WBC, RBC)/pancreatitis and she has had elevated lipase before but her tongue doesn't have the heat signs I expected, Wei Ling was my other thought as she seems to have Spleen Qi issues that at times presented with Damp and more recently Blood deficiency but didn't know about its use with recurrent infection. Any thoughts or suggestions you might have would be appreciated. The owner doesn't want to have to keep using antibiotics and wants to do everything she can to decrease the chance of further pancreatitis as she knows the breed has alot of issues with it (Roo's cholesterol and triglycerides are good). Thanks again.
by naturevet
January 20, 2009
I'm in Australia right now and don't have access to the internet other than this blackberry, so I'll have to keep it short. The breed alone makes me think of Dang Gui Shao Yao San, which is a recurrent cystitis formula with the main cause being Blood deficiency. It harmonizes the Liver and Spleen by tonifying both the Liver and Spleen while draining Damp. So it fits the tongue and the abdominal pain, as well as the seeking of garbage (pre-digested rotten food). I'd give it a try. I'm sure you would have come to it eventually yourself as I can see you were circling around these ideas in your excellent case presentation.

Let me know how it goes!
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