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Cryptococcus In A Cat
by Radica - September 22, 2014    View Case Report
Francesca 4 year old Burmese Fs, hx of snorting, sneezing, nasal and ocular discharge. Diagnosed a year ago as Crypto positive by rDVM. Complete resolution of signs on combination of herbs (including Astragalus) for over a year. Also on Itraconazole, titres vastly improved.
Started her on just Astragalus (powder form of Huang Qi) 3 weeks ago, recurrence of respiratory symptoms after 1.5 years, O says no change other than Huang Qi.
I also used her serum in eye drops for chronic eye discharge in case Itraconazole could not break through mucin in tears.
Any thoughts on whether it was the Astragalus or the serum in eye drops that caused a recurrence ?
Thanks, Radica
by naturevet
September 23, 2014
Hi Radica,

Astragalus can make a subclinical inflammatory response to a latent pathogen become clinical. It ramps up antigen presentation and the subsequent immune reaction, making it become evident.

In Chinese medical parlance, this is termed 'trapping the thief inside the house', as Astragalus is effectively considered an astringent, by reinforcing Wei Qi. Essentially, Astragalus 'bricks in the windows', preventing the pathogen from being expelled.

To prevent against this, Astragalus is seldom used in Chinese medicine alone, but often with Wind dispersing herbs. An example is Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Wind Screen Combination), to which you could further add Bai Zhi (Angelica dahurica) to direct those expulsion efforts to the nose in particular. This potential aggravating effect of Qi tonics is also the reason for the Chinese medical dictum 'Never tonify an Excess'. So we remove the Excess (Wind pathogen) first, before jumping in there with the (Wei Qi) tonic.

One other idea is to look at this as a Blood deficiency and Blood stasis condition. Blood deficiency is aggravated through summer, and can lead to viscous secretions while aggravating Blood stasis (i.e. chronic inflammatory) conditions. So if Yu Ping Feng San doesn't work, you could give Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang a look. It has an affinity for the upper burner, which is definitely the location of the problem.

Hope that helps,

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