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Yowling In A Cat
by pindvm - March 21, 2021    View Case Report
Sophie is a 17yo, FS, siamese x. She started with me 4 years ago for vomiting, Peeing out of the box, difficulty jumping and renal failure. She is scrappy and occasionally has to stop all herbals. She has been maintained as needed on Shen Ling Bai Zhu, Jin Suo Gu Jing wan, Jing Gui Shen Qi wan, Di Gu Pi and Loranthus Formula and SQ fluids and monthly lazer acupuncture. She only allows needles when really sick. She is currently on on Loranthus. She is a picky eater but is maintaining her weight. We try to feed to her temp which varies from very cold to yin def heat. Canned or pouch diet - she refuses raw. Lately her BM schedule is only every 2-3 days. She is yowling whenever Mom is not in sight which is driving Mom crazy. Urinary Incontinence is rare right now and she is not peeing out of the box. She squints her eyes when she is out on a covered patio and is very cranky about me working on her. Hissing at any intervention though wants to be petted. She is currently only on Loranthus Formula and EOD SC fluids. I know part is behavioral - she has been slowly losing her eyesight and hearing and there may be some confusion. She has been lip smacking at night but sleeping well. She is still heat seeking but not camped on the heater. I’m stopping the Loranthus - it’s too warm for right now. Her pulses were fast tight and deep though I only got a quick feel. Her tongue was red but she was mad and hissing. I am just looking for a fresh outlook. Considering TMGTY, ZBDHW or XCHJYJ. Thank you for any input.
by naturevet
March 21, 2021
Hi Deborah,

I agree with your general read of Kidney deficiency, and stopping the Loranthus in case it's aromatics are damaging Sophie's Yin

My first thought is to try Yi Guan Jian. It may potentially help with the inappetance (allowing the cat to generate Yin from food more effectively) as well as the lip smacking (which can indicate either dry mouth or nausea, both of which YGJ can address).

The photosensitivity is associated with Blood deficiency, so using a stronger Blood tonic is indicated. Yi Guan Jian provides that, whereas her previous regimen includes only a little Blood tonifying action in the Loranthus. Yi Guan Jian should do a good job of addressing the renal failure, too, as well as the vomiting.

Hopefully, if she gets to feeling stronger and more herself, her insecurity (manifesting as yowling for the owner) will subside.

Hope this helps you out!

by pindvm
April 7, 2021
Sophie’s owner called today. Went to EC last night because of head tilt and ataxia at 1:30am. Dx vestibular dz - tx antiemetic and increased fluids to SID. She had been on Yi Juan Gian once a day and was actually eating it. I told her to stop it for now. I won’t see her until 4/19. Too rich for her? I’m assuming Liver Qi rising but reluctant to send herbs without confirming. Have you seen this with old cats and Yi Guan Jian?
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