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Using Alcohol Extracts In Birds
by Jraabdvm - April 13, 2021
I often see birds with elevated uric acid. Given the yang nature of birds, I am interested in using Rehmannia 8. I wonder if anyone has done this. If so, how do you dose them? Can you use, for instance, the kan herb liquid extract. Do you evaporate the alcohol? Or is it such a small amount that you don't worry about it? Thank you to anyone who can help.
by naturevet
April 15, 2021
Hi Janice,

It is such a small amount that I don't worry about it.

If you're worried about the effects of chronic low dose exposure, though, you can also just steam the alcohol off beforehand, by standing the open bottle in a pan of very hot water for several minutes. Do this until the smell of alcohol is minimal, then keep the bottle in the fridge afterwards, since the preservative power of the alcohol is now gone.

You can also pour the contents of a bottle into a warm pan, allow to sit for a few minutes until any alcohol smell has become very faint, then pour the contents back in the bottle, and keep it in fridge afterwards.

Some vets just steam alcohol from the current dose by putting it onto a hot spoon first.

Hopefully some of our bird vets weigh in. I know that some of them use granules to help avoid the problem

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