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Startling With Rehmannia 8 In A Cat
by CorinneC - May 20, 2021    View Case Report
I have an 18yo MN DMH cat with CRF that I started on Rehmannia 8. He had a history of recent seizure events (1 per month Feb, Mar, and Apr) which have all been very short, no evacuation, fast to recover. He is fed raw (all his life), has mild constipation that is treated with PEG powder. On exam he had a slight left ear twitch but NAF on otoscopic exam. His tongue looked fairly normal, pulses were difficult to feel because he was wiggly. I started him on Rehmannia 8 for the CRF 2 weeks ago and the o has been gradually increasing drop by drop. This week she notices that he startles more easily which is uncharacteristic of him. I am guessing this is Wind being ramped up by the Rehmannia being too tonifying? Can you guide me as to the best course of action? Should I add Tian Ma Gou Feng Yin? If so, in the am? BID? Or would a simple Blood tonic like Si Wu Tang work better?
by naturevet
May 20, 2021
Hi Corinne,

If Rehmannia 8 is a problem, it would be due to Aconite or Cinnamon. You could switch to Rehmannia Six and solve that issue. At the same time, you could add in Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin.

I've also used Zuo Gui Wan/Yin to treat seizures in Kidney Yin deficient animals, but the above is more guaranteed to work

Hope that helps!

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