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AG Leakage In A Dog
by CorinneC - June 3, 2021    View Case Report
Beau is a 2.5yo MN Staffordshire with anxiety, AG leakage, and itchy feet. His diet has finally settled to raw pork with veg and his stool is WNL. I saw him for a second opinion in Jan/21 for digestive issues and chewing at his feet. He is a sweet anxious boy that startled easily but allowed a full exam. His tongue was lavender-pink, swollen at base, thin at 1/4 tip, phlegm strands, sl dry. His pulses were difficult because he was so tense , growling, and mouthing my hands. PE I/wise unremarkable. I diagnosed him with Spleen Qi def and Liver Blood def and put him on Dang GUI Shai Yao San.

Feb/21: AG leakage resolved and seemed much more mellow, friendly and confident. Tongue same and pulses well toned, narrow, and wiry. Continue d DGSYS.

May/21: feet still really sensitive and now red from licking, yucky breath (new), stringy poop (long, soft, no blood or mucous), nails dry and seem to break easily. Overheats easily lately with ^ temps. Pulses still toned-taut, sensitive to sedation of SP4, very sensitive about feet but no apparent lesions. I suspected some Spleen Qi sinking this round and put on BZYQT.

Broke out with diarrhea 2 days in with lower dose. Thoughts?!
by naturevet
June 4, 2021
Hi Corinne,

I would have done the same thing you did. My runner up consideration, though, was Damp Heat (despite problems occurring even on a raw diet), given:

  • worsening in May

  • worsening on a tonic once Damp draining effects removed

  • keyed up attitude

  • heightened intestinal tone with halitosis

The last two are consistent with Damp Heat, but not specific to it.

I would suggest Si Miao San next, given the GI signs. You can add Dang Gui later, if the coat or nails remain dry.

If the formula helps, check the fat content of the raw diet. It may be too high to have the typical anti-Dampness effects we expect of raw diets.

Hopefully this helps you out!

by CorinneC
June 8, 2021
Ok then, makes a lot of sense when I see it this way :)

Should I continue with DGSYS as well as it did provide a lot of subtle solid changes? Or solely SMS so I can see what it uncovers (or hopefully resolves! without further layers!!)?
by naturevet
June 9, 2021
There's no problem using the two together if you want to baby step your way into the SMS

by CorinneC
June 10, 2021
One other thought? Maybe I could just add Dang Gui to the SMS instead of continuing DGSYS?
by naturevet
June 10, 2021
That, too! Keeping DGSYS kind of does that for you, though, so it's up to you

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