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Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis (EPS)in A Dog
by - June 30, 2021    View Case Report
Hi Steve,

Letty is a 2 year old Female Newfoundland who presented to me to help manage this rare condition that was diagnosed during an attempted laparoscopic spay procedure. All the viscera are encased in a thick fascail covering and there is no way to spay her. The owner is very concerned that the bitch will get a pyometra if she lives long enough for that to happen and wanted my help for treating the EPS as well as preventing pyometra in the future.

In the exam room, this dog seemed great and normal. Pink and fleshy tongue. Strong and slippery pulses Some active GB/TH points. I needled: BH, GV-14, GB-25, GB-34, BL-19, BL-22 and Kid-3. I dispensed XCHT.

On a follow-up visit, she was still asymptomatic and healthy and her pulse and active acupuncture points had moderated on Xiao Chai Hu Tang.

I told the owner I would do some additional "Research" on pyometra prevention.

Any advice?


by naturevet
July 1, 2021
Hi Kevin!

I guess my only other thought, in the absence of any inflammation and discharge, is to use a Blood mover with the XCHT. Excess connective tissue equates to Blood stasis. I would look at either Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang (if she is overall chilly or has caudal abdominal sensitivity) or Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang if there has been any cystitis. If in doubt, you can use both together.

I'd keep up monthly checks, especially during and after her heat period. If there is something else we should be doing, it will show in her pulses and their response to any active points

Hope that helps! (By the way, I linked this question to your original case for Letty)

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