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Twitchy In A Cat
by CorinneC - July 1, 2021    View Case Report
Misty is a 16yo FS DSH that is generally very healthy for her age. She came in yesterday because of an occasional head twitch (very subtle facial fasciculations, increasing frequency but not intensity last 6 months). She was fractious so the exam was minimalist but I did see a red tiny wet tongue while she panted and hissed (temps are high here right now too). Unable to assess pulses. Bloodwork was all WNL. She has lost some weight, down from 4.5kg to 3.8 since 2019. Otherwise a very strong willed girl with a beautiful coat.

My first thought was Liver Fire or Liver Yang Rising secondary to chronic Yin and Blood deficiency and TMGTY? But then I wondered about a Shao Yang disharmony and CHJLGMLT?

Love to know your brilliant thoughts Steve and how you treat these feisty kitties?
by naturevet
July 2, 2021
Hi Corinne

Some of them can be hyperesthetic, especially if they are eating processed (canned or kibble) diets. That equates to a Wind Damp Heat condition, for which I've used versions of San Ren Tang.

Given the age, though, and the small red tongue, I like your idea of Yin deficiency causing an internal Wind, in which case Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin is a good choice. If that helps, then support using Yin tonifying herbs and diets (e.g. a real food fish diet) will likely have preventive value.

Lastly, as a quick fix, the owner can try homeopathic Ignatia, often sold in Canada as Iamara. I'd use 30C strength and try it two to three times daily for a few days. Taper to once daily once results are seen. If nothing happens after five days or so, the owner can just stop

I guess the only other possibility is some sort of trigeminal neuralgia, which is more likely if only one side was involved. For that I use Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang (Bupleurum Clearing Formula). Check the mouth (under sedation, I guess?) to be sure there isn't a rotten tooth causing the sensitivity.

Hope that helps you out! One of those is quite likely the answer!

by CorinneC
July 9, 2021
Wrong patient -oops!
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