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Cushings Disease In A Dog
by johnnalsmith - July 12, 2021    View Case Report
Koda is my own dog. He was just recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. He is a 13 year old, male neutered, Shiba Inu. Last year we noticed that his appetite had increased significantly as did his panting. His thirst/urination was normal. He has a full thick hair coat and soft paw pads and nose. He's a liver dog and hates to be fussed with. He doesn't like other dogs and hunts small animals in our yard. His panting became excessive and he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease by an ATCH stim test. He currently eats a kibble/homecooked mix diet. He used to eat raw food until about 3 years ago, but he started to turn his nose up to it and had significant stomach gurgles. He began eating well once we started cooking the food.
His tongue is usually more red than pink, minimal purple. His pulses are hard to feel since he hates being messed with, but I'd say they are wiry. He's very sensitive his his costal area (always has been). We started him on Trilostane a week ago as well. He is also always hot. If it is above 70 degrees F he's hot.

I want to make sure we are doing everything for him. I was thinking si miao san because of his heat, GI issues with raw, and his panting. However, I wanted to make sure since his pulse is a little more wiry.

Thank you!
by naturevet
July 13, 2021
Hi there,

I think Si Miao San is the first thing to try. It treats Damp Heat, which can be attended by a wiry pulse, as it is really a form of Stasis Heat (i.e. Dampness binds the flow of Qi, Blood and Yang, releasing Heat as Qi and Blood slow). The wiriness here may simply denote that increased Stasis.

Note that SMS works dramatically better once kibble and canned foods are removed. I'd advise switching entirely to a homemade diet, or just buying raw diets and then cooking them if you don't have that kind of time. Keep the starch content low, too. Sweet potatoes is about as starchy an ingredient as you want to get.

If you're on the right track, there should be a significant lessening of most symptoms within the next two to three weeks or so. If you don't see that, re-evaluate and let us know what you're finding at that point. Fingers crossed that all goes well

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