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Hypoxia At Birth In A Dog
by LJH - July 15, 2021    View Case Report
Hi Steve, I have been asked to see a 9 week old female schnoodle next week, so no pulse and tongue info yet, presenting with balance issues. The pup was finally delivered by C section after being stuck in the birth canal for a prolonged period. Her 3 siblings have no issues. She is apparently quite bright and alert, eating well, visual and able to hear. When she first wakes up or gets up after laying down, she repeatedly falls over. She can walk and even run a few strides before tipping over after she has been awake and attempting to move for a while. No nystagmus. I will recommend a chiro assessment first off, and a trial of Arnica 30 C or Traumeel, but wondered if you have any thoughts on trying to help this pup. Kidney formulas or others that increase cerebral blood flow of value to try? Thank you again, Llewanda
by naturevet
July 15, 2021
Hi there,

Consider Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin (since it is the deficiency seizure/balance formula) plus You Gui Wan. Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang is a consideration, too, since puppies are prone to Qi deficiency and it is a brain circulation formula. The pulse and points should make it clear what you are dealing with

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