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Copper Storage Disease In Dogs
by Dr. Krisi Erwin - July 15, 2021

I will likely be posting a more formal case here soon for a new patient I saw yesterday. He is an older Lab with copper storage disease, hypoalbuminemia, protein losing nephropathy, and mild elevated Alk Phos, mostly normal ALT. Tongue is pale and wet, pulses feel deficient to me. He has not tolerated benazepril or penicillamine for the liver disease and protein loss so is only on liver prescription diet. I know the internist and owner will have questions re: herb safety with the copper storage disease. Is it ok to treat him based on pattern or are there herbs that have a lot of copper in them? I appreciate any insight!!

by naturevet
July 16, 2021
Hi there,

Herbs are not innately high in copper, so any issues would be due to heavy metal contamination. Contamination is more likely in wild-crafted herbs (perhaps because they are being chosen from pastures, etc.).

In a recent study of Epimedium, then, wild-crafted herbs were found to be contaminated with copper, but not cultivated herbs. Using a company that organically cultivates their herbs rather than picks them would seem to reduce contamination risk altogether. Natural Path fits that bill. Additionally, all their ingredients are checked for heavy metal contamination before sale.

Hope that helps you out!

by Dr. Krisi Erwin
July 22, 2021
Perfect! Thanks so much! I'll reach out to internal medicine and see how it goes. We use Kan and Natural Path so I think we should be pretty set!!

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