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by alaska2mt - August 30, 2021    View Case Report
Owner (worker at local shelter) has 2 FeLV + cats who just turned 2yrs - one male, one female. . SweetPea has chronic URI with weepy eye OS. Nugget has Stomatitis - lost an eye to herpes as a kitten. Both are on Plumb Flower Wei Qi Booster.

Sweet Pea allows me to treat LI 20 (and others) but sensitive at Bladder 18-20. Her right nostril is always draining as is her left eye. Acupuncture has increased her appetite, energy and has not needed antibiotics since we started (was chonically treated in the past.

Nugget is healthy and eats well but even with acupuncture and extraoral laser, the stomatitis continues to progress.

Is there another herb / modality that would be appropriate for these kitties?
by naturevet
August 30, 2021
Hi there,

Definitely Astragalus formulas are the answer. You might want something with some more 'direction' to it, that targets the upper burner. I'd consider Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang for both.

If the inflammation is severe in the mouth, you might want to look at Qing Ying Tang instead, or alternating with BZYQT

by alaska2mt
September 1, 2021
So would alternating mean each day like QYT in a.m. and BZYQT in p.m.? or week of one, week of the other? Nugget is scheduled for a dental as one tooth looks like it needs extraction but we are really hoping to save most of the other teeth !!!

Thank you !!!
by naturevet
September 2, 2021
Maybe start with one of the two formulas, say BZYQT. If the mouth gets more inflamed as a result of the immune boosting power of the formula, try adding in QYT. If it is still inflamed, stop the BZYQT and use just the QYT. That is probably how I would handle it, but your idea of BZYQT in the am and QYT in the pm is fine, too

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