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Portosystemic Shunt
by alaska2mt - September 13, 2021    View Case Report
Penny is a 7yr FS Westie/yorkie/poodle mix with a lifetime of neurological problems just recently diagnosed with PSS. Consult with Surgical Specialist deemed the condition too tenuous for surgery at this point. Dog is doing much better with lactulose and Hills L/D diet. She is nervous, very thin, dog aggressive. Tongue is slightly red, pulse is wiry, sensitive at liver points. Frequent UTI's but no stones. If nervous at all, has head jerks but they do not progress to a seizure.

We are working to find a nutritionist who could build a diet for her. Suggestions?

I have been doing acupuncture for internal wind / liver but would really like a recommendation for an herb to support her?

Also, I have been using Alpha Stim for Cranial Electrical Stimulation in hopes of calming her. Wondered if anyone thought this was a good idea or a really bad one? I really like it's calming affect overall but not sure about adding electrical stimulation in this case.

Thank you!
by naturevet
September 20, 2021
Hi there,

I'm wondering about Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, provided you use the Nat Path or Kan versions, as they are more Liver Blood tonifying. I've used it before in anatomical shunt cases and it fits the:

  • Aggression

  • Threatened seizures
  • UTI tendencies

  • Pulse and Tongue

If it proved too strong for her, then I'd look at Xiao Yao San, but it doesn't really cover the UTIs. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang covers recurrent cystitis, especially if symptoms are muted, but is not necessarily safe for seizure tendencies, so LDXGT seems the safest choice right now.

Let us know how it goes. As for Alpha Stim, I've never used it, but if the manufacturer doesn't caution its use in seizure patients, it should be okay

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