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T Cell Lymphoma Sezary Syndrome
by zenpony2000 - September 25, 2021    View Case Report
1.5 year old MN English Springer Spaniel. P was dx via biopsies to have T cell Cutaneous Lymphoma. O has seen oncologist and given options for chemo or pred. P has history of reacting to some NSAIDs so O looking for integrative approach. P has been on whole food or raw diet whole life. One thing to note on house-call visit I observed large phone tower 400 foot from house. O have lived there for 20+ years. Both owners have had cancer as well.
O has started P on Hollywood Safflower, on Si WuXiao Feng from other practitioner. On Fresh Factors Longevity. Pet Honestly Omega 3s
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Western Exam - P is BAR E/D fine no V+/D+ Still playful, sleeping the night. Retired agility/therapy dog. Ulcerative lesions around the nose. Nose is swollen and serous bloody nasal discharge. Dorsum has dandruff, underside has more lesions with scabs mild sebum. P only mildly pruritic. Submandibular LN enlarged. Gums are injected.

TCVM exam- P is earth dog, does not do well in heat never has. Shen good sleeping the night well. Pulses weak on left, Pulse on Right bounding on Spleen/Lung. P is genraly warm to hot all over body. Tongue is pale lavender, gums injected bright red. Heat smell from mouth, large amount of saliva and sticky. Just started to get some ulceration around the eyes. Large flake dandruff on dorsum. P becomes more sticky damp heat around head/nose/eyes/ underside and feet.

Plan: Thinking of starting Four Marvels and Modified Hoxsey Formula? Help with damp heat and general heat in body. Question would be keep him on something for blood nourishing? the SWXF? or change to XFZYT?
Planning on Ozone therapy 2-3 times a week, acupuncture weekly, starting on Vitamin D/A/E/C as well.

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by naturevet
September 28, 2021
Hi Sarah

The dryness on the dorsum and Dampness below is typical of a Shao Yang skin case, as is the peri-ocular involvement and lymphadenopathy.

In addition to the Shao Yang disharmony, or rather stemming from it, there is a lot of Heat, as you said. Damp Heat tends not to develop on dogs fed homemade or raw, but Shao Yang disharmony can, because the latter seems to partly be a microbiome issue. Particularly if raw was fed a lot, the microbiome can be come starved for carbohydrates and stop producing metabolites that the host relies on for normal function. That seems to be what happens, anyway. So a diet with a fermentable carbohydrate source may be important, despite the apparent Dampness. Go in that direction, if you see some improvement with a Shao Yang approach.

My inclination would be to try a 2:1 mix of Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Si Wu Tang. Additionally, if you have Hoxsey, you can use it in addition. You must stay away from all things 'Wei Qi'. Astragalus-laden formulas seem to make these dogs worse (which makes sense, as Astragalus is a Yang herb).

A vigorous cooling herb you can try adding to XCHT is Xia Ku Cao (Prunella). The plant has T cell lymphoma inhibitory effects. I've been using it in ample quantities. Probably go with at least 25g per 100g of XCHT used to make the Chai Hu Si Wu Tang mix mentioned above.

Hopefully that gains control of things a bit. If you can subside the inflammation and improve the general look of the skin, whatever is done in the way of chemo will work that much better, since improvements on herbs will signal the tumor has been crippled, anyway

Hopefully that helps you out! Please let us know how it goes!

by zenpony2000
October 18, 2021
Thank you for the recommendations. I am hoping I can help this dog. He has been dealing with the early stages of this about 8 months with just starting out with crusting around the nose. O only reached out due to it spiraling out of control. O does not want chemo intervention but I feel with the stage that it is at will need both TCVM and chemo to help simmer it down.

I do want to implement high dose vitamin A/D/E, I do have a bottle. From my understanding you give it orally maybe 1x a weeks. I have the following
1 cc/
300 IU E
100,000 IU A
10,000 IU D

From what I found 5,000 IU/1b. for Vitamin A
750 IU/Ib

Does it matter that it has Vitamin E in it?

I was thinking of starting with 1.75 mls orally based on the Vitamin A 5,000/lb. so 35 lb dog = 1.75 mls

I love high dose vitamin therapy, I go for Myer cocktails myself, is there any written up resources or studies that you know of on this for dog/cats/horses?
by naturevet
October 19, 2021
Hi there,

I got the idea from my old NUNM class notes and from a couple of papers written on using high doses of vitamin A in osteosarcoma. I'd be hard pressed to find those, but perhaps if you search retinoic acid and osteosarcoma in pubmed, you'd come up with something.

Your doses seem fine. Vitamin E is only added as a preservative, so it's medical impact here will be negligible. If you want to be extra careful, you can monitor liver enzymes and calcium levels on the protocol. I've never seen so much as a hiccup in them when I've used the protocol.

I have found cutaneous lymphoma patients often respond do respond to herbs and mega dose vitamins along with diet change, but it is gradual. Track your progress with photos, to help objectively identify how the case is going.

As a general rule, if herbs stabilize the case and halt deterioration, but are not able to effect improvements, introduction of chemo will usually have a dramatic effect at that point, perhaps even with lower dosages than would normally be required. Herbs may then be able to maintain the animal going forward. It's worth trying the herbs alone first, to help cripple the tumor cells and make them more vulnerable to chemo.

Hope that helps your patient out!

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