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Cushings Suspect And Dental Disease In A Dog
by alaska2mt - September 29, 2021    View Case Report
Chloe is a FS 14yr dachshund I have been treating for IVDD. (4.6 kg) She has had 3 back surgeries and manages walking with moderate ataxia. She recently has had elevated liver values and US revealed left adrenomegaly and vacuolar hepatopathy. She has severe dental disease but everyone is too nervous for anesthesia for a dental.

As all the labs point to Cushings, I would like to put her on Si Miao San but wondered if it would help with the dental disease as well.

Thank you!
by naturevet
September 30, 2021
Hi there,

Once tartar is present, it really needs to be removed somehow to resolve dental disease, but SMS can at least reduce some of the secondary gingival inflammation. A diet change away from processed food towards real food (especially something that is low carb, like a raw diet) can inhibit further tarter formation.

San Ren Tang combined with the SMS can be helpful if there is a Wind invasion component to the disc disease. If the disc disease has resolved and is stable, then you can just focus on SMS for the Cushings. Note that the above-mentioned diet change can rapidly resolve the Cushing's tendencies, especially in tandem with SMS

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