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Over Grooming In A Cat
by tracyb - September 30, 2021    View Case Report
Petra is a 2 year old fs British Short hair cat

weight=8.2 lbs

presented in 4/21 for severe gingivitis
regular vet had recomended prophy +/- biopsy, +/- extractions- when I examined her gingiva were angry and red

over-grooming since kittenhood-alopecia ventral abdomen, lateral front limb (around PC and LI meridians) and more mildly lateral pelvic limbs (around GB 31-33) area, skin appears normal

inappropriate grooming increases with anxiety, decreased when another cat entered house

pulse slippery
tongue: sides are red

diet: good quality canned rabbit (client felt that chicken or beef exacerbated grooming)

had been taking daily detox gold a nettles based product

the client is wiling to do homemade but I could not think of an appropriate protein that is easy to obtain since she can’t have chicken or beef and doesn’t like fish so she remains on canned rabbit.

I added in san ren tang

At 2 month recheck in June:
gingiva were less red
alopecia was mostly resolved
client complained of some constipation

I added in Xiao Yao San thinking that the constipation indicated I had missed some stagnation and also some metamucil.

she had a dental prophy, I think the gingivitis had improved the dentist elected not to do a biopsy or extractions.

In late September the client told me that Petra’s self grooming was worse as well as her anxiety.

I have not examined her since June- she is very hard to examine so I try to minimize exams.

But it seems like xiao yao san was the wrong way to go, right? could it exacerbate the self mutilation? is this a Fall Liver flare up? I don’t know where to go from here…
by naturevet
October 5, 2021
Hi there,

Either the San Ren Tang and Xiao Yao San worked, or there was a seasonal abatement of the condition. If the latter, then the spring and fall aggravations may indicate a Shao Yang disharmony. This commonly leads to heat in the Yang Ming, leading to ventral pruritis, skin inflammation and conceivably the gingivitis. Food allergies are common in Shao Yang disharmony as well, in addition to pruritis along the TB and GB channels

I would suggest trying a 2:1 blend of Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Si Wu Tang. The latter should address the constipation tendencies in the same way the XYS did. XCHT should tackle the food allergy, which I believe is arising from a leaky gut. Healing the gut wall would allow conceivably anything to be fed as long as it is real food and there are some fermentable carbohydrates included for the microbiome to use as fodder to make the VFAs that restore gut integrity.

Hopefully this helps you out. Let us know how it goes!

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