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Dessiminated Hemangiosarcoma In A Dog
by DrKatNola - October 8, 2021    View Case Report
I'd like to start HSA premixed product, but need some help with adjunctive herbs: My patient is a 9 year old spayed Female Labrador Retriever. She is 2 weeks post splenectomy w/ confirmation of metastasis to the liver. She is popping up cutaneous hemangio(sarc)omas since surgery. She is also a controlled epileptic (phenobarbital) and hypothyroid (levothyroxine). Her femoral pulse is strong, her oral membrane color is pale pink (her PCV went from 22% at sx to 35% last week), and her tongue is lavender and dry. Mom is willing to cook for her. Currently Blaze eats Lamb & Rice kibble and shares whatever mom is eating. Thank you in advance for this forum!
by naturevet
October 8, 2021
Hi there,

You might not need any adjunct, but if you want to do something more than HSA, I'd just try Xiao Chai Hu Tang as well. It's in HSA already, so you're doubling up on it, but it fits the pulse and it will bump up the anti-cancer hit of the formula a bit. Maybe use HSA to XCHT in a 3:1 ratio if you do that.

The other alternative is to use Modified Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, or Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang, and go at it using a 'peripherally acting Blood mover' approach. The latter formula has Astragalus, which can act as an additional hemostatic. Both are Blood tonifying and so should help with the dryness of the tongue. ATTH is out of the Modified XFZYT but you can make your own if you need it. Alternatively, grab some of the BYHWT

Hope that helps you out!

by DrKatNola
October 8, 2021
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