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Hind End Weakness And Hypersalivation In A Dog
by LJH - October 12, 2021    View Case Report
Hi Steve, I’ve started seeing a 13 yr M(N) Golden Retriever. He is on medication for hypothyroidism, has a history of hypersalivation after eating which has improved some on metaclopramide, and marked hind end weakness/ pain that started in Dec/18 shortly after he was adopted from a rescue group, for which he is getting meloxicam. He has been getting acupuncture and physio at a great rehab centre for the past couple of years. He was on Deramax at one point but it seemed harder on his stomach and when Gabapentin was added in he got very wobbly. X-rays have shown spondylosis at T 4-5, T12-13, T 13- L1, through entire lumbar spine, and a narrowed disc space at L 1-2. They recently moved here and his mobility issues were significantly worsened by the long trip. The first time I saw him he was ataxic with all 4 limbs, not correcting knuckling in LH, and very slow to correct RH. He also has marked generalized muscle atrophy, sensitive on palpation of GB 21, BL19, 22, 25,27, 54, GB 30. Pronounced Dips BL 18, 20, 23, ST 36, GB 34. He is heat intolerant, and pants a lot. Not sure if related to pain, heat or anxiety as his anxiety has been getting quite pronounced. In a new place he will pace constantly which wears him out and leaves him exhausted. I’ve acupunctured him 3 times and his mobility has improved to the level he was at before the move. Correcting knuckling both hind limbs LH slower than RH. His hypersalivation though is lasting longer after his meals. His pulse was a bit weak, slightly deep, and sl. wiry. His tongue was sl. Pale pink, flabby, moist with a sl. Lavender tinge. I found his pulse improved with GB points. The points I’ve used have included BL-60, 40, 19, 22, 27, Bai Hui, GB-21, Gv14,BL-11, GB-30,34 ST-36, BL-23,20, Liv-3, LI10,4. I would like to add in herbs but worry about worsening the G I issues. In his more distant history he has had otitis, occasional reverse sneezing and a cyst that was removed from his side, and he has a habit of eating grass or twigs, Omega 3’s at higher levels made his digestion worse. No snoring or reverse sneezing now and ears really good. I see Damp / Damp Heat present though also seeing more Yin/ Blood / Qi deficiency with the muscle atrophy and weakness. With the sore hips and response to GB points some Shao Yang issues. With the Damp in the history, heat intolerance and spondylosis I wondered about Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin possibly with/ or Benefit Hips and Knees. How to address all the deficiency, and the hypersalivation ( Damp, maybe Spleen def since after eating, consider SRT,) Your thoughts and suggestions on this boy would be most appreciated . Many thanks again, Llewanda
by LJH
October 12, 2021
I forgot to mention he is quite constipated as well. Improved a bit with Metamucil. Thanks, Llewanda
by naturevet
October 12, 2021
Hi Llewanda,

I generally agree with your interpretations here. I'd be careful with any Blood or Yin tonics, because of the worsening on omega three fatty acid supplements. So, I'd err on the side of addressing Dampness and Phlegm.

The GI irritation on NSAIDs, the pacing, deep pulse and the time of onset tell us a dispersing effect is needed. Involvement of the forelimbs and shoulders tells us the neck is also involved.

Dorsal muscle atrophy can correlate with blockage of both the Tai Yang (BL) and Shao Yang (GB) channels. Both types of pathology (or pathogen invasions) are worse in the winter months. To capture the Tai Yang aspect of the case without giving a Dampening formula like DHJST, you can just add 12g Gui Zhi and 15g Bai Shao to 100g XCHT.

Note that the Ban Xia in XCHT can do a lot for nausea, so I wouldn't let Stomach issues put me off trying it. It's also an important IBD formula.

If the dog eventually does show signs of Yin deficiency or Blood deficiency, try adding in Yi Guan Jian to the regimen, but with the dog reacting the way it does to omega threes, I wouldn't start there

Hopefully that helps you out!

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