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Minor Bupleurum Use With Cardiac Disease
by JTast - June 8, 2022
12 year old min pin with chf multiple meds and diuretics. Chronic history of ivvd also hip dysplasia. Recent flare up of ivvd on meloxicam and gabapentin.
Would like to add herbal ( ease of giving in granular form) have minor bupleurum on hand. Any contraindications or concerns with cardiac dx?
He is on lasix spironolactone enalapril and pimopenden.
Remarkably stable at this time and a nice dog to top!
Acupuncture unfortunately was a fail for him.

Thank you!
by naturevet
June 10, 2022
Hi there

Absolutely no problems using Minor Bupleurum for this dog. I use it all the time in cardiac disease

Good luck!

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