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Hives In A Dog
by equinesportsmed - August 14, 2022    View Case Report
Jon Snow is around 3, pittie cross type, abandoned in a city this spring. He is white, blue-eyed and deaf. After a month in a foster home eating both kibble and fresh (table scraps) he began to get hives. New mom switched him to a salmon kibble (still too high in carbs) and frequency was reduced, but not eliminated. Hives are responsive to Benadryl. He also has itchy, black gunky ears. No GI signs reported.

Dog acts chilly-- loves to bask in the sun and snuggle under blankets. He is excitable, perhaps has separation anxiety (though too soon after rescue to really tell reasonable from pathologic responses). New owner says he is "falsely assertive" in new situations, but not aggressive or fearful. Tongue is purplish. I am doing first consult at distance, so don't have a read on the pulse.

I am struggling to fit the pattern! Certainly he is Jing deficient. But he acts chilly while owner says he feels like a little furnace. Could he be Kidney Yin deficient, so appears Yang excess? I read other posts here that say hives is Wei Qi deficiency. We are starting with a low to no carb diet, using cooling proteins like turkey and rabbit. Plus quercetin. But I would love to find a perfect elegant herbal formula that hits all the notes!!
by naturevet
September 22, 2022
Hi there!

Sorry for the delayed reply! I have not been getting email notifications that people have been posting cases.

The chilliness in these cases is due to reduced blood flow to the skin, so a formula increasing peripheral circulation is advisable. Meanwhile, the improvement off carbs suggests Dampness. Putting both of those together, you could possibly resolve this case by adding 20g of Dang Gui to Si Miao San. That's probably a good first thing to try.

As for the role of Wei Qi, that is what the Chinese medical texts say, but I haven't always seen it work, probably because the main Wei Qi tonic is Astragalus, which actually increases antigen presentation resulting in an aggravation of mast cell degranulation, I would try the Si Miao San + Dang Gui route first
by equinesportsmed
September 22, 2022
Thanks for your response! Mid-August, I sent him home with Xiao Yao San and Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin, along with some homotox remedies. Have not heard back from client yet-- just dropped her an email asking how it worked out. As you were saying last week in FL, not hearing anything can mean they are all better or that they died... If still hive-y and damp on XYS and SWXFY, I will try the above.
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