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Anal Gland Tumor In A Dog
by peglaco - August 21, 2022    View Case Report
Hi there,

Sorry if this is posting twice! I got bumped off a couple of times.
This dog was diagnosed by a surgeon on 6/30/22 to have a 6 cm left anal gland mass with suspected lymphadenopathy, metastasis. CT, labs, chest rads, bx all advised but was declined by owner.

I saw dog first on 7/21/22 for AP and started him on NP Mod. XFZYT and XCHT, we are now up to 1 tsp BID with meals and an extra 1/2 tsp midday with a snack. He is also on Turkey Tail (Real Mushrooms) 1 cap BID, CBD for pain 2-3 times daily with an occasional Carprofen if needed.

The mass has grown to extend ventral to the anus but not on the right side yet and this week it has gone from soft to very firm and hard (does not resent gentle touching of the mass). I have not done a rectal exam myself since I am a solo house call practitioner and imagine that would be pretty painful to the poor dog. He is on Miralax to keep the stool soft to loose to allow easier passage.

HIs pulses have been deep, broad, slippery and fast (slow with AP), his tongue last visit was pale purple-lavender color, gums more pinkish, tongue became more pink after AP. He will eat if hand fed a mixture of raw and homemade and has maintained his weight.

Just wondering if I should change anything or if there are any other suggestions that might be helpful at this stage.

Thank you,
by naturevet
September 22, 2022
Hi Peg,

Sorry about this delayed reply. I haven't been getting emails that case questions were being posted.

The only other thing we've added that we've found can make a dent when used in addition to the Mod. XFZYT and XCHT is Hoxsey-like Combination (Natural Path). Using all three together has slowed progression down

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