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Erection Related Urethral Prolapse With Bleeding In A Dog
by JLoCh - September 11, 2022    View Case Report
I was wondering how you would characterise this condition in chinese medicine terms and whether there would be a herbal formula that could help.
Adonis' owner reports that most mornings he has an erection which he pays a lot of attention to and is often associated with bleeding. Examination of his penis when it is not erect reveals an inflamed tip. A photo of his erect penis shows urethral prolapse but this is not apparent when he doesn't have an erection.
UA reveals NAD. He is otherwise a healthy and active 5 yo large brindle de-sexed mixed breed dog. His pulse was toned and tongue was pink at examination. Apparently he has been showing this behaviour for the last 2 years. He is on a raw food diet and has a good appetite. He urinates without issues and has a good stream.
by naturevet
September 22, 2022
Hi there!

Sorry for this delayed reply! I wasn't getting alerted when people were posting case questions.

There are a couple of possiblities. One is to view this as a Spleen Qi Sinking problem and address it with Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. Given that the dog is already on raw, this is more likely to help. It might help rally the dog's immune system more effectively to address whatever infection is in place that is causing low grade edema within the urethral wall. Ordinarily, it is subclinical, but with the added blood flow from an erection, it becomes clinically evident.

If the dog hadn't been on raw, my first thought would have been a lower burner Damp Heat formula like Si Miao San. That is less likely to be effective on a real food diet, but keep it in mind if the BZYQT doesn't work out for you.

Hope that helps!

by JLoCh
October 6, 2022
Thank you Steve - that makes sense :)
The owner has changed his protein from beef to kangaroo and since then there hasn't been any erections or bleeding episodes. I'll let you know if it recurs and if so we may try the BZYQT
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