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Collapsed Trachea And Congestive Heart Failure In A Dog
by JLoCh - February 15, 2023    View Case Report
Dusty has been maintained on the following since October 2020:
Vetmedin, Frusemide, Cerenia, Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang, egg shell membrane, coconut water for potassium replenishment, bone broth for collagen, probiotics.
He has been going well for the last 2 years with liver values back in normal range. However his coughing has increased due to his collapsed trachea. Is there another chinese herbal formula I could use to help with this? A colleague has suggested Su Zi Jiang Qi but I don't think that is available in Australia.
by naturevet
February 17, 2023
Hi there!

I would wonder about changing out the CHJLGMLT for Xiao Chai Hu Tang, which is a stronger anti-tussive. We also sometimes use Modified Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang in these cases. The latter would further support the cardiac meds you have in place

Hope this helps you out!

by JLoCh
February 19, 2023
Thank you Steve
What is in the Modified XFZYT?
Much appreciated
by naturevet
February 20, 2023
Hi there! It's Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang with added San Leng and E Zhu. It's sold by A Time to Heal Herbs under that name. The Kan Essentials product is Dispel Stasis from the Palace of Blood

Hope this helps!

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