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Clitoral Carcinoma In A Dog
by annemc - February 28, 2023    View Case Report
Hi, Chloe is a FS 10 yr Aussie mix who had a carcinoma incompletely removed from her vulva/vagina a week ago. It likely began last summer when owners noticed licking, then began bleeding and protruding from vulva 2 weeks ago. Tongue is pink with lavender tones to underside, her pulse is superficial and surprisingly broad without much tone - fine/deep wiry in past. she's a timid lean dog. Just took her sutures out today, she's returning for a full visit, but wondering if you'd approach this like an anal gland adenocarcinoma, skin/upper burner, or kidney/conception vessel?
She also had a 1 1/2" thin walled watery cloudy beige fluid cyst removed at the same time, from the dorsum of her tail a few inches distal to the base, almost the same level as her vulva.
she's on carprofen post op and feeling fantastic for now
by naturevet
March 5, 2023
Hi Anne,

I'm wondering if this would be an example of a lower burner Excess state. Like a Spleen Qi sinking? It would naturally worsen over the winter, and commonly the condition has a Floating pulse like that, but starts as a thin deep Wiry Liver pulse (such as in years past). The current Floating pulse suggests a propensity to invasion of the periphery by pathogens due to Wei Qi deficiency. Wei Qi deficiency is a common feature of Spleen Qi sinking.

That's one example, anyway, of how a dog prone to deficiency somehow would convert to an excess presentation. The immune stimulating effects of the formula might hopefully rally cells like Natural Killer cells to deal with any 'dirty margins' left over from the surgery.

If you try the treatment for this, which is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, let us know how it goes. You could also add in a Blood mover for the lower burner, like Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang. If she's overall chilly, then it's probably not a bad thing to try. If the dog is hot instead, consider Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang.

Hopefully this helps you out!

by annemc
March 7, 2023
Thanks steve, I did have them pick up some SFZYT already, but the SP Qi sinking theory sounds spot on to me. We should have that back in stock when i see her again in 2 weeks. will update the case then.
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