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Treating Humans!
by sophiek - March 8, 2023
Hi Steve,

I think you also treat people - and I wondered if you have any service available to help with herb choice like you do on the Natural Path website? I need some help for my Dad, he's stubborn and conventional and won't go to a human TCM practitioner, so I'm fumbling along trying to help him out!

by naturevet
March 15, 2023
Alas, Sophie, I don't have a tool like that. If you want to consult with me about him, I can try to help you figure something out. If he changes his mind about taking something, that is...

by sophiek
March 16, 2023
Thanks Steve for your reply. He's a pretty complex case, and I know you are super busy,
so I'll just do my best to encourage him to go see someone here!!
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