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Wobblers In A Dog
by CorinneC - March 10, 2023    View Case Report
Randi is a 9yo FS Doberman with progressive Wobblers. She has done very well with acupuncture for over 4 years, alongside XFZYT and XCHT (recently switched to modified XFZYT and modified XCHT), Assisi loop treatment BID, and occasional Meloxicam on bad days. In the last 3 months she has started to fail however and I'm just heartbroken. This week the Owner started Gabapentin 300mg BID and Meloxicam 30kg SID. This is a truly joyful dog, she shows no sign of discomfort, always up for a hug and attention, great appetite and spirit.

Today I am really noticing muscle mass loss (generalized) and increasingly more weak, ataxic, and hypermetric. Her left side today was worse for delayed proprioception. Her tongue is lavender-pink, flabby, relatively thin, moist; pulses toned with a sl garden-hose feel.

I am wondering if you have any more advice to share for this wonderful dog?
by naturevet
March 15, 2023
Hi Corinne,

I can't remember if you've used Bu Gan Tang on this dog yet or not, but it may be a better choice than the XFZYT. Generalized muscle atrophy and (what I presume is) a hollow feeling pulse can call for it.

Otherwise, I'd wonder if Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang is a better formula to pair with the XCHT than XFZYT. If the dog is Damp, consider Yi Yi Ren Tang instead.

Lastly, I assume the dog is receiving chiropractic for neck fixations and stiffness. If not, I've found that to be crucial

Hopefully one or more of these ideas help!

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