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Chronic Otitis Externa In A Dog
by CorinneC - March 10, 2023    View Case Report
Maple is a 2yo FS Labradoodle with a history of grand mal seizures/idiopathic epilepsy since 9mth old. O thinks she was over vaccinated as pup. Her seizures made her aggressive, growly until she was placed on Keppra. She also has seasonal allergies (not when she lived in Edmonton - hey, a plus for Edmonton! - but since she moved to Victoria last Spring 2022. Eyes get red & sometimes goopy, shakes her ears a lot, occas scratches to bleeding. Licks all 4 feet such that she is light brown but has dark brown feet from porphyrin-staining - looks cute but isn't. Had several UTIs as pup.

I met her May 2022. She continued to have breakthrough seizures q 1-2 mth (but they have been less intense and frequent since we started her on TCM). She is a sweet Earthy girl, tongue is lavender-pink, flabby, moist, with fissures, pulses are well toned. I originally put her on Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin and XCHT with SWT + Thuja for vaccinosis. In Sept 2022 I saw her again, O said she had battled yeasty itchy ears all summer, only 1 seizure, and continued to lick all her feet. I then switched out the XCHT for BZYQT (recognizing the UTI history, allergies, and a softer pulse with SP4 massage), Mometamax for ears I really thought I had it this time!

In Nov she came back with more ear troubles, only 1 seizure now in 4 mth, but paws still licked. At this point I thought I was missing a ShaoYang disharmony so added CHJLGMLT, green tea dilution sprayed on her feet after walks to soothe. By Jan no real improvement with ears, chin skin irritated, suddenly a more fussy appetite - fed homemade and raw diet - (she does get 3 different herbs in food), and had 2 breakthrough seizures such that neurologist upped Keppra dose. More Mometamax was given, but I am really struggling with these ears! I am wondering if she is getting too much tonification with the TMGFY? Or not enough? The BZYQT nor the CHJLGMLT doesn't seem to have caused any change. Please advise!
by naturevet
March 15, 2023
Hi Corinne,

These cases can be frustrating, but it looks like you were circling around the solution. TMGTY is not very tonifying despite addressing seizures from Blood and Yin deficiency, so I think you can continue it. If the CHJLGMLT and BZYQT haven't helped, phase them out. I've used Qing Ying Tang in some seizure dogs and it has helped, along with TMGTY and sometimes also Wu Mei Wan. I would try the QYT next. It cools Heart Fire, which otherwise can pass to the Yang twin of the Heart (the Small Intestine) and from there straight to the Bladder to cause cystitis. When Shao Yang and immune stimulating formulas don't work, it's the other 'differential' for dogs on real food diets with unrelenting itch and allergies. Lastly, I assume the dog is NOT on a lot of carbs, but double check that

Hopefully this moves the needle for you

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