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Splenic Nodules
by peglaco - May 21, 2023
Hi there,

I have a 8.5 year old labradoodle patient that has been getting abd ultrasounds for the past 1.5 years for suspected extramedullary hematopoiesis. (His father died of HSA of spleen). A FNA was normal. He was on XCHT and when there seemed to be growth of nodules and more of them we added in GXZYT. At next U/S the nodules were gone but had some mottling. A recent recheck U/S mild splenic enlargement , persistent diffuse mutlifocal hypoechoic nodules in parenchyma, none deforming the capsule or cavitated. Apparently the owner had stopped the GXZYT this Spring and was just on the XCHT until the past month when o stopped because he was having GI issues. He is on Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders as well.

I think I need to keep this dog on a low dose of both formulas as he seemed to get better when he was on both, and am concerned these nodules could turn into tumors, even though a "benign change". Thoughts?

Thank you,
by naturevet
May 23, 2023
Hi Peg,

When XCHT alone makes things worse, it can indicate Blood deficiency. That can also be behind XCHT worsening GI symptoms, especially if they were gastric, like in reflux.

I would wonder about pairing the GXZYT with Yi Guan Jian and seeing if that gives you the right balance where the liver improves again and the GI issues disappear

Hope that helps you out!

by peglaco
May 25, 2023
Thank you, Steve!
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