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by - August 25, 2023
I have a client w hol has a 4 year old German Shepherd named Zeke. He has a history of Mast Cell Tumor removal from an inner thigh and a suture reaction that led to the leg healing up by second intention. He also has a history of Spring and Fall skin allergies. When seen in the past, he seemed hot with a deep, slippery pulse and a nice pink tongue. He was originally put on:
-Mushroom powder for Immune function
-Vit A/D3
Inositol Hexphosphate

He came to me on a raw diet.

In the last 6 weeks he has developed cranial nerve issues and was diagnosed with an active neospora infection causing trigeminal nerve inflammation which is causing Horner's syndrome and he is on week 3 of Clindamycin 2x/day.

I am curious to know how I can help this resolve herbally. nI have not and will not have the opportunity to examine him in person.


by naturevet
September 3, 2023
Hi Kevin,

I hope you're doing okay! For trigeminal nerve inflammation and CNS inflammation in general, I like Bupleurum and Kudzu Clearing Formula (Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang). Together with the Clindamycin, it should resolve his complaints

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