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Idiopathic Vestibular Disease
by CarolineJ - August 30, 2023
Hi Dr Steve,

I started treating a small 13 years old little Bichon Frise for idiopathic vestibular disease.
The onset per O was a very loud noise (balloon pop) and since then, they think he cannot hear properly. About a week or 2 after the loud noise episode, they started noticing loss of balance, a head tilt on the left side, decreased appetite (he became very picky!) and he would fall over after shaking or sometimes when walking. This was all in the month of July.

Pulse feels thin, toned but not wiry, felt at the mid-level and deep level
Tongue is lavender/red and dry.
He does have one large lipoma on his left rib cage area.
No other concerns on PE.

After a couple acupuncture treatments, most symptoms improved and he is almost back to his normal self (acting happy!) except for a residual head tilt and having a decreased appetite.

He had a first chiropractic adjustment today and his left atlas was indeed out of alignment.

I started him on TMGTY because I thought it fit the picture the best with a slight Yin deficiency and being older. No hx of allergies or food intolerance and has been on a fresh food diet for the past 3 years.
If the appetite doesn't improve, should I add or switch herbal remedies?

Thank you!!
by naturevet
September 3, 2023
Caroline, it sounds like you're doing a great job with the dog. I have two ideas if he doesn't continue improving:
1. If the chiropractic visibly improved him, then Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang might help to relax his neck, allow his vertebrae to maintain a normal alignment, and improve his appetite by tonifying his Qi
2 Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang, which is actually my first choice for July onset vestibular disease. It treats Shao Yang disharmony, helping to internalize Yang. It often is accompanied by Yin deficiency, which you may have been picking up in the pulse. I address that with Yi Guan Jian used at the same time. If the loss of appetite is compounded by Blood and Yin deficiency, causing Yang Ming dryness and Stomach upset, then CHJLGMLT plus YGJ is the way to go
Hopefully one of those two gets you where you want to go, if the TMGTY doesn't work. It may well work, though

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