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Itchy Belly In A Dog
by equinesportsmed - September 11, 2023    View Case Report
I saw Zari, a 1 year old FS Boston/French Bulldog cross on 8/16 for red, itchy belly. Problem began in May, responded well to a Cytopoint injection at local vet for 6-7 weeks, did not respond as long to second injection...maybe 4 weeks before itch got bad again. So sought second opinion. She had been eating Eukanuba kibble with a topper of meat.

Seemed like a classic damp heat case, so changed her diet to low carb fresh food and sent home on Si Miao San. It was a little chaotic with little kids running around, and I did not write down pulse/tongue, but I seem to remember thinking it fit close enough, especially season of onset.

Client thought maybe improved a little, then came back with a vengeance, making the dog crazy in about 2 weeks. I thought, okay, not responsive to diet change/SMS, must be a XCHT/SWT case. They were about to leave on a camping trip for Labor Day weekend. She drove a couple hours to pick up the herbs because dog was so desperate.

Dog did really well on camping trip, but rash/itching/licking got bad again when they got home. Since on ventral surface, we went over (second time) where she lies down, household chemicals, etc. Discussed a trial of keeping her off the grass. Dog is more and more desperate, a dose of benedryl no longer taking the edge off, so I encouraged her to get another cyctopoint shot to buy us some time. Meanwhile she has taken up her rug (which had been replaced since problem started anyway) but says that the dog only sleeps on the couch anyway.

Zari tends towards over the top immune reactions-- had big reaction to wasp sting when she was younger, recently her face blew up playing with a toad. Her feet are not affected, so contact dermatitis seems less likely-- but possibly an additive layer? Seems like she "read the book" on itchy dogs, but only skimmed the table of contents? What do you think? Time and persistence with the XCHT/SWT approach? Food allergy testing? (I suggested avoiding chicken/lamb as proteins) One of your Gold Standard mixes?
by naturevet
September 19, 2023
Hi there,

If the dog got worse on a fresh food diet (i.e., they have not varied from that and gone back to kibble or canned at any point), then Shao Yang disharmony is correct. Using Qing Ying Tang along with the XCHT and SWT may provide the aggressive anti-inflammatory and anti-itch effects needed to improve the dog.

They should also make sure the real food has about 1/4 plant material and Lactobacillus or Bacteroides to make use of it and help restore normal immune function using the microbiome.

Lastly, something to bolster the local immune system in the gut like colostrum is probably a good idea, so the 'good guys' can have a place to land on the gut wall, and begin to do some good

Hopefully that helps you out!
by equinesportsmed
September 20, 2023
Thanks! Great client, frustrating case. The cytopoint shot last week had incomplete effects :(
by equinesportsmed
September 20, 2023
Steve, while waiting for your reply, I encouraged client to order a bottle of Cessorex. Now I can't find the notebook where you explained what each combo was-- is Cessorex a SMS based or a XCHT/SWT based formula?
by naturevet
September 22, 2023
Cessorex is essentially Xiao Chai Hu Tang plus Si Wu Tang


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