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Hypercalcemia And Thyroid Tumor
by CarolineJ - September 27, 2023
Hi Dr Steve,
I would like your advice for my own pet. She is a 12.5 years old Labradoodle and we found a mass on the ventral neck area last year. A fine needle aspirate was done and came back suspicious for thyroid carcinoma - could not rule out parathyroid tumor. I had her on modified XFXYT and XCHT for the past 8 months and she has done very well.
She was also on a fresh food diet.
About a week ago, her appetite decreased, and would not take any herbs in her food anymore. She became very picky with her food and started showing moderate/severe signs of PUPD.
I performed BW this week and abnormal results were:
Hypercalcemia 14.2 mg/dL (8.9-11.4)
Neutrophilia 16k (2k-10k) / uL
Monocytes 1000 uL
ALT 333 UI/L

Wondering if you have any suggestions as far as the hypercalcemia? I assume it’s the main thing driving the PUPD and decreased appetite..
I’m aware there may be another tumor somewhere else that has not been found yet. I am taking her to an oncology consultation next week.
Any thoughts are appreciated!
by naturevet
October 3, 2023
Hi there!

Minor Bupleurum is our go-to for hypercalcemia. Maybe you could get the liquid version (Harmonize the Qi), which might allow easier dosing?

If the liquid version doesn't help, then at least giving her Rehmannia Eight while you try to address the underlying cause another way would be wise. If the UPC ratio is less than 3, then it's very wise.

It sounds like she has a chronic infection somewhere, too. I'm not sure how that might help the hypercalcemia, but it's worth treating her for it anyway, just to see what might happen?

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