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Vomiting In A Cat
by ajerger - October 19, 2023    View Case Report
Oliver is a 12 yrold, MN DSH. For over 1 year he has had chronic intermittent vomiting, with semi formed stools( the last portion of the stools being very soft and a lighter color). The last 3-4 months he has steadily lost weight but has a ravenous appetite.Most recent Labs revealed normal thyroid, normal chem, slightly elevated BUN. He eats mostly freeze dried foods ( he had many years of obesity secondary to dry food), and he also eats some canned.
He also has a new heart murmur but remains asymptomatic. Ultrasound reveals possible lymphadenopathy in abdomen, mild jejunal wall thickening, nothing overtly worrisome.
Currently he is on Si Mao San, digestive enzymes, B12, supplements to support Gi and pancreatic health. Hew continues to lose weight quickly.

Western Diagnosis: IBD vs Lymphoma

TCM dx: Rebellious stomach Qi, Spleen Qi Deficiency, Yin Deficiency.
Tongue pink/lavender
Pulses: Deep/toned/somewhat thin, resists compression, normal rate, mild finger lift

My thinking with 8 parameters:

Hot ( ravenous appetite)
Soft stools, very odorous- deficient ( cold?)
Vomiting- ?
Increased thirst- heat

Do I need a yin tonic?

Thank you in advance
by naturevet
October 19, 2023
Hi there!

I'd be cautious of using a Yin tonic when there is that history of weight gain on processed food. It suggests Damp, which means a Yin tonic could cause the case to blow up in our faces - or at least the litter box. Sorry. Not a great image.

I like your reasoning, though.
Hot? Yes - due to thirst and appetite.
Cold? Potentially
Excess? The pulse and certainly the intensity and growing severity (lymphoma?) of the findings are steering me that way
Deficient? Yes, if only because of the drop in body weight

When we see all four things together, it suggests a Shao Yang disharmony is the issue. I would be tempted to try Xiao Chai Hu Tang in the is cat. It worked in my own for a similar, but more serious, presentation involving suspected lymphoma, vomiting and hematechezia. it would be expected to help the vomiting here.

If you try it and it helps, but isn't enough, consider adding in Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. Kan Essentials makes liquid and tablet versions of these (Harmonize the Qi; and Lift the Qi) if you think getting granules in could be a challenge.

Hope this helps you out!

by ajerger
October 20, 2023
Thank you! Keep you posted!
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