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Systolic Heart Murmur In A Horse
by bfellis - October 27, 2023    View Case Report
Sam is used as a trail/lesson horse at a local metro park.There are no reports of exercise intolerance, coughing or decreased stamina. His pulse is thin floating and toneless,his tongue is red and wet, active points are BL 15 and BL23. I treated HT 7 in an even method and cleared heat from BL 15, I thought that went pretty well so went to KID 3 and treated with an even technique. HT 7 filled pulse and KID 3 brought in some tone. I'm thinking this is an issue with Shao Yin, so Im wondering do I treat the Kidney with BWDHW or address stagnation and Blood deficiency with XFZYT? or could I modify XFZYT with some Fu Zi to spark a little Kidney fire? Thanks as always for the assist!!

Cheers, Brett
by naturevet
November 2, 2023
Hi Brett! If you would describe the horse as Hot (red tongue, tachycardia) and Deficient (thin pulse, response to tonification), then I would be wondering about an Empty Fire formula to get the Shao Yin organs in alignment. How about Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan?

If he's not that tachycardic, then maybe Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan?

If you get the sense he's more Damp (and not tachycardic), then I would go with BWDHW

Hopefully that somehow helps you out! Hopefully you can keep tabs on him and see how he does, and get back to us!

by bfellis
November 4, 2023
Heart rate is 40 and he is a little fearful, reactive, irritable at times. He did not need a blanket last winter (not that we really have winter here much anymore :( red dry tongue and rapid pulses that lift your finger but don’t have tone to resist light to moderate compression. I’m going to go with your first thought with Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan. I’ll let you know where we are in 2-3 weeks.

by bfellis
November 5, 2023
Actually, with some follow up I discovered he doesn’t have a great appetite and is prone to loose stools. Resting heart rate at the barn by trainer is 32-36 bpm. So I don’t think he’s very Yin deficient or excess. I’m going to to go with Tain Wang Bu Xin Dan since it has Fu Ling to address some dampness. As an aside, the treatment really helped and he is trotting and cantering in the field like his old self. So I’m thinking heart and kidneys will respond well to that formula since that was what I treated. I’ll let you know the next steps.
Thanks again for all you do!!

by naturevet
November 10, 2023
No worries. Think as well about simple Rehmannia Eight, to restore the connection between the Heart and the Kidneys, if TWBXD proves too Dampening

by bfellis
December 19, 2023
Sam is continuing to do well on Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan! more relaxed, does not explode out of it into barn/stall as he has been prone to in the past. I am keeping him TWBXD through February and then will go recheck to see if there is a Shao Yang disharmony awaiting Springs arrival. At last treatment, his pulse was mid depth to deep without tone, not slippery, just deep weak and a little on the thin side. Tongue is less red, but for a horse, still on the red side of pink. Active points are BL15 , BL 22 and BL 23. I tonified HT 1 and pulse developed some decent tone, I tonified KID 6,GV 3 and sedated TH 5. Pulse maintained tone and came out to play, much more moderate pulse after AP and chiropractic. I will let you know what spring brings our way!
by naturevet
December 20, 2023
You're doing an amazing job, Brett! Here's wishing you continued good luck!
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