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OSA Formula 1 - Back Ordered
by IVCrva - November 15, 2023
I have a patient with suspected OSA that has been on OSA 1 & 2 for the past few months as well as Hoxsey & Boneset and many other supplements owner is doing.

We received notice that OSA 1 is backordered until middle of December/January when we were trying to place an reorder for her o. We received the list of ingredients. Is there an herbal formula that is close to this we could start with and modify or use in place of until the OSA 1 is back?

Thank you!
by naturevet
November 16, 2023
Hi there!

You can make a rough approximation of the formula (but hopefully close enough) by combining:
75g of Natural Path Xiao Chai Hu Tang
8g Huang Lian (Coptis)
9g Qing Dai (Indigo)
8g Gua Lou Gen (Trichosanthes)
Hopefully ATTH has those ingredients available
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