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Hind Limb Weakness In A Rabbit
by CarolineJ - November 23, 2023
Hi Steve,

I've started treating an 8years old rabbit with mobility issues. Presented with weakness on the right hind which leads to him to falling on the right side and he struggles to get back up.

When he is ''standing/sitting'' you can tell he is leaning towards the right side, not sitting straight. This has been a slowly progressing problem for him.

His was referred for acupuncture due to arthritis in his lumbar spine and right stifle, but it was apparent to me that his ''falling over'' issue is weakness related, not pain.
He responds well to points such as ST36, Gb34, BH, BL40, GB21, GV14, Gb25, LIV13 for 2-3 days, but the effect doesn't seem to last.

I'm using EAP and also increased the joules with my cold laser treatments (which seems to be a good combo for him).

I've asked a chiropractor vet friend to have a look at him (mainly suspecting nerve impingement or ivdd maybe) and he needed adjusted in the cervicals, thoracics and lumbars. This greatly helped his posture: he is leaning less on the right side, more stable and hops around a bit more.

He's making progress, but his progress normally doesn't last more than a few days, even with the manual therapy.

He was not tested for E. cuniculi and I don't know if he's been exposed in the past leading to the deficits he presents with..

Any herb suggestions to help this friend knowing it's likely spine/nerve related? and knowing adjustments have been helpful ?

Thank you very much !!
by naturevet
November 27, 2023
Hi Caroline,

It seems given the improvement with chiropractic that your suspicion of nerve impingement is correct. The main cause of that progressive spinal stiffening in Chinese medicine is Wind invasion, so the question is "Which Wind expelling formula should I use?".

If he shows any Dampness tendencies at all, I'd wonder about Yi Yi Ren Tang (Coix Combination, sold by Kan as Free the Sinews). If he is more deficient looking, then Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang (sold by Kan as Spine Lithe) is the way to go. If he's never had abscesses or eye discharge, then DHJST might be the thing to try first.

It might be a case of just flipping a coin and then following up closely over the subsequent few days.

Hopefully this helps!

by CarolineJ
November 29, 2023
Thank you for your input, I will get him started on DHJST and let you know how he does!
Many thanks!
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