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Borborygmi In A Dog
by CorinneC - December 10, 2023    View Case Report
Divina is a 2yo FS Mexican rescue mix. Intensely shy but very sweet. She came to me in the spring with intense borborygmi, grass-eating, vomiting bile, copraphagy, stool balls of grass, mucoid stools, super skinny, and a ravenous appetite. Her tongue was lavender, thin, and moist. Her pulses wiry but toned. I put her on Sulcrate temporarily and YGJ for the ST Heat, Blood deficiency, and Qi Stagnation. It seemed the perfect fit! And it helped some but not enough. The owner has her on a healthy cooked diet and she was still very ravenous with borborygmi. The stools initially didn’t clear perfectly so I tried HZYQS but no change. The o insisted on Metronidazole as it was going on too long. Did a course of that, then Tylosin and stools WNL. Tried some BZYQT. No change. Added Probenz probiotics with digestive enzymes. No change.

I ran a full blood panel - WNL. Then a TLI, folate, and cobalamin. All WNL. I’m at home and can’t remember any other details - I’m sure I’m missing something. She is still very ravenous with borborygmi you can hear across the room! She now is normal in weight at least. She “looks” very healthy. Our next step is an abdominal ultrasound.

Your wise thoughts?
by naturevet
December 18, 2023
Hi Corinne,

It sounds like a challenging case! With borborygmi, I think first of Blood deficiency. Since you tried YGJ and it kind of worked, how about trying Xiao Yao San to offer a bit more Spleen support? BZYQT didn't work, and it is a Wood Earth harmonizer as well, but it's still worth considering.

A response to Tylosin implies Heat. Damp Heat is treatable with Si Miao San. Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan can address colitis due to Damp Heat in Yin deficient patients.

Lastly, the ravenous appetite and intractable diarrhea sound a bit like Jue Yin excess, calling for Wu Mei Wan. That formula would be more likely to help if there had been GI parasites identified. If they haven't been looked for, that's a good next step, too

Hopefully this helps you out!
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