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Splenic HSA In A Dog
by alaska2mt - March 8, 2021    View Case Report
Izzy is seeing a homeopathic veterinarian and myself doing TCVM acupuncture (I am also learning herbs.) Neither of us veterinarians knows much about the other. The dog has been started on the following supplements by the homeopath. I would like to start the HSA Protocol developed by Drs. Bannink and Marsden. I need guidance on whether to continue the following:
Standard Process Immune Support
Agaricus blazei
Pet Wellbeing Life Gold (Similar to Esiak formula for liver/bowel detox).

Thank you !
by naturevet
March 8, 2021
Hi there,

I don't see a conflict in using those items together

by alaska2mt
March 9, 2021
I have no experience or needed scales to weigh herbs for combining and dosing the HSA herbal protocol. I have also contacted A TIme to Heal and Evergreen and understand they do not prepare custom formulas. Spokane has no local herbal resources. Could I start Chai Hu Jia Long Ju Mu Li Tang plus San Qi plus Dang Gui Shen in tablets or partial tablets?
by naturevet
March 9, 2021
Hi Donna,

Postage scales from Staples are all you need to weigh out herbs. They are pretty inexpensive. That being said, if you can find the herbs locally, you could start giving them separately. Exact doses depend on the nature of the product. You might want to base your dose on what a 120# human is supposed to get of each, per the manufacturers directions.

Note that HSA Compound, which ATTH may have in stock, has everything already added. If they are out of stock, they will be back in stock by the beginning of next week, if not before

Hope that helps

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