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Sarcoma In A Dog
by pindvm - March 16, 2021    View Case Report
Evie is an 11y FS old terrier mix. She started limping on LF in Dec and had a small mass near dewclaw. FNA in Jan came back inflammatory. No response to antibiotics. By Feb mass had grown and limping was worse. No bone involvement on xray. Masses coming up LU meridian on leg. Early March RDVM did another biopsy came back undifferentiated sarcoma. She has always snored a little. She licks her inner thighs and Medial carpi (L>R, L had been biopsies). Seems painful at night - paces, stiff on rising during the day. No GI issues. Good appetite, has always slept in and energy has been decreasing lately. She doesn’t want to walk much. She is afraid of loud noises. Metal/Water personality. Nose warm moist. BCS 5/6, 2/6 lame LF, multiple masses up lung meridian On L. L mandibular LN firm and enlarged with firm small mass below node. 2/6 holosystolic Murmur slightly louder in L, no crackles or wheezes. Pulses slow to normal rate, slippery on L, tight on the R. L was weaker than the right. bL19 improved pulse. Currently taking Galliprant, Cell Advance and Long Dan Xie Gan tang when she gets really hot. Recommended switching to Zhi Bai DHW and Xiao Chai Hu. All the masses are firm nodular SC attached to fascia. It’s just growing rapidly and painful. Should I add anything?
by naturevet
March 16, 2021
Hi Deborah

I like your idea of XCHT. For a lesion progressing up the channel from the digits, I think of Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin. It's an anticancer formula for that kind of problem. it's also cooling. You can try Hoxsey, too. that will also help keep her cool. I'd wonder about using those three, plus whatever pain reliever keeps the dog comfortable for a few weeks until the herbs have a chance to work

Hope that helps

by pindvm
March 21, 2021
Biopsy came back Undifferentiated Sarcoma, neoplastic.
by pindvm
April 5, 2021
Owner started Xiao chai Hu then Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin. Owners felt when they started the XFHMY she got much hotter and the masses got bigger so they stopped it. Recommended start Hoxey.
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