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Colonic Adenocarcinoma In A Dog
by kderfuss - June 10, 2021    View Case Report
My patient patient is a 13 year old mixed breed MN dog who was diagnosed with a colonic mass just a few mm from the anus.He is straining, bleeding from rectum. Histopath confirms colonic adenocarcinoma. I have not done a TCVM exam yet, but have the following thoughts. 1) I'm seeing this type of mass as damp heat so I think SMS, 2) I also think lower burner mass so Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang, and finally 3) reading about your recommendations for XFZYT for anal gland adenocarcinoma because of its proximity to the anal glands.
Thank you for your thoughts!
by naturevet
June 14, 2021
Hi Karin!

Those ideas would be top of my list as well. I'd also be on the lookout for a full firm mid-depth pulse signaling a Shao Yang disharmony. It is often the underlying cause of any Blood stasis manifesting as cancer. In that case, you would be rolling Minor Bupleurum into your protocol

Let us know how it goes, or if you have more questions after the exam!

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